• Rules

    1. Floor people are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be ignored in the interest of fairness. The floor person’s decision is final.
    2. Tournament play will use a dead button.
    3. A penalty MAY be invoked if a player exposes any card with action pending, if a card(s) goes off the table, if soft-play occurs, or similar incidents take place. Penalties WILL be invoked in cases of abuse, disruptive behavior, or similar incidents.
    4. A player must be at the table by the time all players have complete hands in order to have his hand live. Players must be at the table to call time.
    5. All cards will be turned face up once a player is all in and all action is complete.
    6. If a player puts in a raise of 50 percent or more of the previous bet, he will be required to make a full raise. The raise will be exactly the minimum raise allowed.
    7. In limit games, an oversized chip will be constituted to be a call if the player does not announce a raise. In no-limit, an oversized chip before the flop is a call; after the flop, an oversized chip by the initial bettor put in the pot will constitute the size of the bet. In pot-limit and no-limit, if a player states raise and throws in an oversized chip, the raise will be the maximum amount allowable up to the size of that chip.
    8. The one-player-to-a-hand rule will be enforced.
    9. The English-only rule will be enforced while at the table.
    10. Deck changes will be on the dealer push or limit changes or as prescribed by the house. Players may not ask for deck changes.
    11. Players must keep their highest denomination chips visible at all times.
    12. Verbal declarations as to the content of a player’s hand are not binding; however at management’s

      discretion, any player deliberately miscalling his hand may be penalized.

    13. No rabbit hunting is allowed.
    14. A player who intentionally dodges his blind(s) when moving from a broken table will forfeit the blind(s) and/or incur a penalty. The money will be put into the next pot and will be considered dead money.
    15. All chips must be visibly displayed at all times. Players may not have tournament chips in their pockets at any time. A player who has chips in his pocket will forfeit the chips. The forfeited chips will be taken out of play from the tournament.
    16. Moving players: In flop games, players will be moved from the big blind to the worst position.
    17. In limit events, there will be a limit of four raises, even when heads-up. Once the tournament becomes head-up the rule does not apply.
    18. Verbal declarations in turn are binding. Action out of turn may be binding.
    19. Players going from a broken table to fill in seats assume the rights and responsibilities of the position. They can get the big blind, the small blind, or the button. The only place they cannot get a hand is between the small blind and the button. A player moved to balance tables will take the worst position. A dead button situation may occur.
    20. Penalties available for use by the TD are verbal warnings and “missed hand” penalties. Missed hand penalty will be assessed as follows: The offender will miss one hand for every player, including the offender, who is at the table when the penalty is given. Tournament staff can assess 1, 2, 3 or 4 round penalties from the table used with discretion. These may be utilized up to and including disqualification. A player who is disqualified shall have his chips removed from play.
    21. Players, whether in the hand or not, may not discuss the hands until the action is complete. Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities are not allowed. A penalty may be given for discussion of hands during the play.
    22. A player who exposes his cards during the play may incur a penalty, but will not have his hand killed.
    23. In NL or PL, when raising, a player must either put the amount of the raise out in one motion or state the raise amount. By stating the word raise, a player protects his right to raise, but the raise must be made in one additional motion unless he states the amount.
    24. Verbally disclosing the contents of your hand or advising a player how to play a hand may result in a penalty.
    25. In no-limit and pot limit, less than a full raise does not reopen the betting to a player who already has acted.



    Places 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH 6TH 7TH 8TH 9TH 10-12th 13-15th 16-18th 19-27th
    1 – 9 100%                        
    10 – 18 60% 40%                      
    19 – 27 50% 30% 20%                    
    28 – 36 40% 30% 20% 10%                  
    37 – 45 40% 25% 15% 12% 8%                
    46 – 54 38% 22% 15% 12% 8% 5%              
    55 – 63 38% 22% 14% 10% 7% 5% 4%            
    64 – 150 36% 20% 11% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4% 3%        
    151-250 33% 18.2% 10% 8% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2% 1.4% 1.2% 1.0%  
    251 + 32% 17.6% 9% 7% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2% 1.2% 1.0% 0.8% 0.6%





    1. PlanetHollywoodreserves the right to modify or cancel these tournaments at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.
    2. Registration starts Thursday (1/17/2012) at 8am.
    3. Participants may only register themselves, but may re-enter, by paying the entry fee, upon elimination within the first three (3) levels of play.
    4. Registration is open until the start of Level 4.
    5. Once registration is closed all tournament fees will be calculated.
    6. Of the $85 buy in, $65 goes to the prize pool, $15 is held by Planet Hollywood as a maintenance fee, and $5 is withheld for staff toke.
    7. W-2G’s will be issued for all prizes $5,000 and over. No withholding will be taken, only W-2G’s issued.
    8. Foreign players from treaty countries must provide a valid ITIN or will face 30% withholding. Refusal to present an ITIN will result in 30% withholding.
    9. 5% of the total prize pool up to $5,000 will be withheld for charity.